The frist edition

Novmeber 2018

Legal Lifestyle Magazine presents project of Nomotechnical Center from Belgrade (Nomcenter NGO) in order to present topics important to legal experts.

Nomotechnical Center (Nomcenter NGO) is an association for a law, education, and publishing, we have launched a legal blog, we have a legal expert journal. Now, we have created a new Magazine for all, lawyers with career and beginners.


October 2018!

LAW & Digital Solutions

The magazine LLM is a symbiosis of knowledge from several scientific areas, and therefore it is classified by the identity of unique in the competition, not only in the Balkans but by its concept it is different in relation to similar magazines both in Europe and other continents. This magazine, in fact, unites up to now incompatible scientific and practical segments, it links social innovation with the contemporary trends of life and lifestyle of a law practitioner, and in the service of a unique presentation of everyday problems in the field of the cyber world.